Wednesday, 20 November 2013

The Shrine of the Honourable Fool

The shrine of Shah Sufi Amiruddin is Feni's most famous site.
Shah Sufi Amiruddin, known as Pagla Miah, the Honourable Fool, was born in the Bangla year 1230, 1823 CE, in Khaiara south of Feni. As a child people recognised in him miraculous qualities. They also thought his behaviour was similar to a crazy man, how he earned his nickname. At a young age he left home and could not be found. Later, a police report by Feni’s Sub Division Officer recorded that one famous fakir, a Muslim Sufi ascetic of the name Pagla Miah, was living on a remote rural hillside and was revered by local people.

Due to pervasive banditry in that area the SDO ordered police to take Pagla Miah to Phulgazi for his safety. In Phulgazi the SDO met Shah Sufi Amiruddin and felt such great faith in him that he brought him at once by his own palki to Feni, and established an ashram for him.

This activity led to an inquiry being launched from Noakhali, faced by Deputy Magistrate Nobin Chandra Sen. The inquiry report found in favour of the work.

It is said that one day in 1886 Sen received news Pagla Miah had died. He ran to the ashram but saw him alive. Pagla Miah’s brother said, however, that on the previous evening, a Monday, Pagla Miah had said he would die on the following Wednesday. He did just that.

Today, the mazar of Shah Sufi Amiruddin is renowned, attracting pilgrims from far beyond Feni town and of all religions.

The Pagla Miah Shrine viewed from across the pond.

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