Saturday, 1 January 2000

3. Sweet Kurigram! - Village Flute Index


       the north has its own recipe:

   1. start with a teaspoon of enormous river

                    2. add wild grass sugar 

         3. find a vegetable called kadoa

4. sprinkle on the sweetness of innovation

       5. follow sister-in-law's instructions

6. discuss results with straightforward, wholehearted Kurigramers

  7. serve in a dish of sweet, sweet memories.

In the Brahmaputra's Realm
Consult the great river. Take the advice of the Kashphul flowers and enjoy a northern-style village welcome.

"Start with wild grass sugar and a vegetable called kadoa."

Starting with Dessert
Find your way through the maze of back alleys with a search and rescue expert, in pursuit of the jewel of sweet, sweet Kurigram!

"Sprinkle on the sweetness of innovation for a truly local flavour."

Shutkani Torkari a la Kurigram
It's mortar and pestle time but you'll need to find a sister-in-law for best results. But don't worry, Kurigram is full of sisters-in-law.

"Follow sister-in-law's instructions. She knows what to do with taro leaves and smelly, dried fish."

Compass Points
Welcome to a new year. Time to take stock, consider the coordinates of where you are from, who you are. And maybe those foreigners eat with cutlery?

"Discuss results with straightforward, wholehearted, friendly, helpful, sincere Kurigramers. "

Village Flute Behind the Scenes: Kurigram
Taking questions now... what do you think of Kurigram? why do you like Bangladesh? how could you ever forget the hospitality of us northerners?

"Serve in a dish of sweet, sweet memories. "


               Retrospective: Leaving 26
                                 How many small things there are - power plug adaptors, free range
                                           pencils and pens, the movie poster, those decorative wooden...

                                                     But the hardest thing to pack are the memories.

Don't forget what the kashphul said!

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