Saturday, 1 January 2000

9. Moheshkhali Island: Where Hills Meet the Sea.


       the hilly island

               abode of Adinath 

       home of sweet paan

salt fields bring independence

                  people make laughter...

      while a little bird lives another day

         foraging along the seashore...

Meet the students of Ghotibanga Government Primary School. Let them introduce their island.

"I like the shutki dried fish best," says Sharif of his island. "We send it everywhere.

The Textile Seller of Moheshkhali

Building a future for her family...

“When sales are good,” says Liri, “We eat fish with our rice.

A Prayer for Nepal

An island's link to the Himalayas.

The Nepalese king on his own initiative arranged for the protima to be brought to Mainak with due honour.

Once Was a Bird Hunter

A new career as a tailor to save a little bird. 

“Shorebirds were a usual food item in the market. We never thought about it.”


The betel leaf with a sweetness all its own! 

"I'll make for him a Moheshkhali paan-khili, for him to chew," sings the queen of Chittagonian folk music. 

A Little Southeast Asia in Bangladesh

Moheshkhali's Rakhine community is changing the traditions of centuries...

Modernity has brought change for the Rakhines.

Watching the Watcher

A WARNING TO PARENTS who see their children as doctors or bankers...

This is what can happen if they grow up in a household full of pets...


When we bleed our blood is salty. When labourers sweat, their sweat is salty...

The story of salt is the story of life.

Meeting the Locals
A stranger in a tea shop says I have a Bengali face...

"How so?" I ask. 
"Foreigners usually have a fat face." 
"So... do I look sick then?"

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