Saturday, 1 January 2000

5. Song of Narail - Village Flute Index


       is a mystery worth deducing

               is a tradition of the furry, fishy kind

           is ability celebrated

      is a river of identity
   is about waiting for the rain

               is the dance of the paint brush

         and the weave of the song

     and the excitement of the match

             Because each inch of Narail's soil is 


The Curious Case of the Unending Village
The listener. Itna village is as a fish trap. The one road in is the same way out. It's not a place to anticipate being observed by stranger's eyes. What was going on?

"A trail of deduction seemingly without end."

Fishing with Otters
Goalbari offers a glimpse of the last troops of Indian smooth-coated otters to fish with humans.

"The otters learnt the art of fishing with humans from their parents and grandparents."

What Ronjon Biswas Can Do
Ronjon Biswas is blind. He is also a mechanic.

"A little focus on ability and why not?"

A River to Get Lost In
The clear water Chitra is reflective of the soul.

"It's a river of identity."

A Monsoon Living
Working for when the rain will come.

"Delivering to puddles and pounds for hundreds of years."

Song of Sultan
Creativity: it's not so much about the finished article as about the process.

"In the town of art a hypnotising flute song used to play..."

The Song Catcher
The listener.

"Knowledge I want to know your real name."

Champions of Narail
What makes the champion? Is it something in the water?

"How a little district got big in sport."

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