Saturday, 1 January 2000

2. Finding Feni - Village Flute Index.


a journey makes its own detours

                     to a time more frantic

   to a place of building ideals

      to the den of a rebel not forgotten
                      to the wisdom of a fool

                         to a rock that grows

and just off the highway, it's not far.

Take the train to a time more frantic...

Destination Feni
Today a bustling town that wants all the convenience of a large city, Feni conceals memories of a time of even greater urgency of action...

"A detour to a time more frantic."

Take a detour to the roof of the bazaar...

The Leisure Club
People can always better themselves. They can think more of others. They can consider the way forward on building rooftops. They can compete in a raffle for a live goat...

"Take a detour to a place for idea-building."

Find the borderlands to hear the drums of India...

The Low Tide Tiger
Lesson: if you can depose a king, you're bound to be remembered fondly.

"Take a detour to the den of a rebel not forgotten."

Where a foolish wise man is remembered.

The Shrine of the Honourable Fool
Because sometimes it takes the wisdom of a fool to enlighten a community. Dive in to the pool of sufi enchantment...

"Be inspired by a fool's great journey."

The Living Stone of Middle Shilua
Did you ever hear of a stone that grows? Where did it come from? Where will it end?

"Don't forget to pay attention to the things you hear along the way."

Shutki fish is smelly. Cover your nose!

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