Saturday, 1 January 2000

6. Jamalpur's Cloth - Village Flute Index.


       in small stitches so let us

               find jamalpur's patterns,

           after breakfast.

      fire's wisdom can tell us, 

       a plate's reflection can tell us, 

             the swirl of butter in a bucket,

                   the memories of a priest.

          where women stand strong,

              where life's value is measured,

 we'll find jamalpur's cloth.

A Revolution of Small Stitches
With ancient traditions of needle and thread Jamalpur's women are sewing a new society.

"In small stitches we'll find Jamalpur's journey."

Raw Hospitality
Who could deny our waiter a decent tip? He's taken all the trouble to put his hands in the food....

"After breakfast... let the journey start after breakfast."

From Fire's Heat
From fire's heat come the tools of a life or two, of a long chain of lives...

"Believing in the next generation, toil and strain, believing in change."

The Banyan Tree, Kansaris and Raja Parasuram
There's no chance to visit the tree. They're too busy with reflective cup and plate, fit for a king's dinner... even a mythical king.

"Jamalpur's past shines in the reflection of a plate."

The Value of Ghee
It's a measured, well-paced life. Swoosh-swoosh-swoosh, it's the sound of ghee, the sound of Ghosh.

"A thousand years of dairy brings the butter home."

An Afternoon with Father Alex
The Mandi people have come a long way. Under Jappa Jalimpa's leadership they first crossed the Brahmaputra... Father Alex also came from afar... to meet his future with the Mandis. 

"What I liked or did not like was not relevant. I came to serve."

The Feeling of Beginning
Could it be, could it really be that the global centre of western-style feminism is actually Balujhuri?

"Women buy whatever they want," said the husband. "Women are free," said the wife.

The Body Cutters
The morgue is where he'd rather be, to better meet his destiny...

"People know they will die. But they don't think enough about it."

               Retrospective: A Few Words
                                 Looking back, how did it happen... how did it come to be?

                                           "I don't pay attention to dates." But perhaps I should...

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